Iran Sanctions – More Noise, No Action

Note: All facts were obtained from Google searches.

I usually don’t like to write about politics on the internet – but this one on the world politics has a great astrological aspect – Iran Nuclear Deal was really a great action precipitated by Exalted Jupiter for global economic expansion and prosperity.

When Jupiter was transiting out of his exalted position in Cancer (Karkataka rashi) on Jul 14, 2015, Jupiter facilitated the Iran Nuclear Deal to be signed in Europe. The accord was signed on the last day of Jupiter’s stay in Cancer under the leadership of President Obama.

What did it mean to the common folks?

  1. Prosperity for people of Iran due to the ability to sell oil and improve their standard of living,
  2. Lower oil prices for developing countries due to competition from sellers, and
  3. Overall growth for a larger population of common beings due to lower fuel costs.

After 2016 US presidential election, members of Trump’s administration wanted:

  1. to declare the deal ‘void’,
  2. stop the sale of Iranian oil to the rest of the world, and
  3. re-impose sanctions even though other countries were not on the same page as the US administration.

In essence, members of the US administration were trying to ‘un-do’ an exalted Jupiter’s work.

Following events happened during the same time that was allowed by US government:

  1. India, China, South Korea, and a few other countries were given exemptions to buy oil from Iran for a period of 6 months, and thereby letting oil prices fall in an unexpected manner (Nov 2018),
  2. Letting other developing countries benefit by the fallen oil prices,
  3. After the 6 months, some of these countries are continuing to buy oil from Iran,
  4. After heated exchange with US, Iranian leaders hinted they don’t want war and would like to negotiate with US administration,
  5. Even though harsh words are used by anti-Iran hardliners in the US administration, result in nothing…, and
  6. News of oil tankers being seized, talk of actions are events that would result in nothing.

All these events outline that work of an exalted Jupiter cannot be un-done and leaders have to wait 12 years to make any changes when Jupiter is exalted again. All changes have to be benefiting the common masses, if not, Jupiter would not implement those plans.

Om Shanti.

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