Family Peace Remedy

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2020.

Family peace is blocked for one or more situations such as :

  1. Many a times husband and wife would be angry with each other and wouldn’t realize that small remedies on a particular day would go a long way in restoring peace.
  2. For some, a marriage might be delayed or a match might not look suitable even though bride, groom, and their families might share compatible values.

COVID19 Situation: During this corona situation, many devotees were concerned that temples were opened for limited time or were not allowing devotees. For such situations, the following can be in the house on Sunday evenings one hour before LOCAL sunset time. This can be done till the COVID19 situation improves.

All these family problems can be fixed by a simple remedy to be done only in the temple in front of Durga/ Kali/ Parvati Amba as explained below:

  1. This remedy can be done on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday and the devotees should not change from Sundays to Tuesdays to Fridays or vice-versa to accommodate their social activities.
  2. A coconut should be broken into nearly 2 equal halves and the water should be drained.
  3. Place the coconuts in an Aluminum tray and pour uncooked rice below the coconut hemisphere to keep it stable (even though aluminum foil is used for supporting in this picture).
  4. Both hemispheres should be filled with ghee and 2 lamps should be lit.
  5. These lamps should be placed in front of the goddess and prayers to goddess Amba for a peaceful life with no stress or arguments should be offered.
  6. After the puja take the uncooked rice and throw it in the garden or park for ants to consume them
  7. They can be placed at a distance considering safety issues for temples in western countries.
  8. This remedy can be done by the husband/groom or the wife/bride. The ladies can skip this remedy during the weeks when they are not feeling healthy.
  9. This remedy should be done for 11 weeks on the same day to get goddess’ blessings.
Coconut lamp supported by Aluminum foils (should use rice to support)
In front of the goddess

May goddess Parvati bless all of us.

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