Remedies for Sale or Purchase of a House

​Many people might face difficulties in getting a house of their choice.  One of the following can be done according to the person’s convenience.

  1. Kalabhairva stotram:  Youtube has many videos – my preference would be the videos that have smaller duration and minimum music:

  1. Karthikeya Swami: Land is owned by Mars (Bhoomi natha) and deities for Mars are Subramanya and ugra forms of Kali. Each state or region would have a temple dedicated to purchase or sale of house. In the Madras/ Chennai, north Tamil Nadu area:
    1. Devotees should wish to visit their temple and perform abhishekam to Karthikeya Swami.
    2. If performing abhishekam is difficult, then they can perform an archana.
  1. Karumari Amman temple, Thiruverkadu: In this temple, devotees can offer a lock to the goddess while praying for a quick sale or purchase of the house of their choice.   Arulmigu Devi Karumariamman Temple, Thiruverkadu – Google Maps

Last Updated Dec 28, 2020.