Lemon Lamp Remedy

The remedy in this page has been identified to remove many doshas such as:

  • ancestral intentional and inadvertent mistakes,
  • previous lives bad karma, and
  • other unknown mistakes done in one or more previous lives.


  • Get a green or an yellow lemon that is very flexible and cut it into nearly 2 hemispheres.
  • Squeeze the juice from the lemons and invert them gently without cracking the skin.
  • Apply haldi (turmeric) or sandalwood paste, kumkum on the lamp, and use sesame oil to light the cotton wick.

Please light this lamp only at the temple – not in your house altar. This lemon lamp should be lit in front of Maa Durga’s any fierce form. She should have at least 1 weapon.

Thanks to the Mildly Indian website for having a nice picture. Thanks to one of my clients for the pictures.

While lighting the lamp in front of the goddess, please pray to goddess mother to burn the sins along with the oil in the lemon lamp. The wick can be at the center or leaning on the curved surface.

Last updated on Mar 03, 3023.