Physical Health Related


When Jains tried to kill Thirunavukarasar by tying him on to a rock dropping him on the high seas, he prayed to Lord Shiva with this pathigam Sri Veerattaneswarar temple in Panruti, Tamil Nadu:

Bring Back to Life from Death:

Shiva Devotee SivaNesar residing in current day Mylapore lost his young daughter whom he wished to marry her off to Thiru-gnana-sambandar. So he preserved her ashes in a pot at a sacred corner in his house. Sivanesar invited Thiru-gnana-sambandar to his place and narrated the story. Thiru-gnana-sambandar composed the following pathigam to bring back Shiva devotee SivaNesan’s daughter Poomba.

Skin Disease:

This was composed by Sundaramoorthy Swamigal at Thiruvelvikudi Siva Temple on the banks of Cauvery. After having a dip at the temple pond, he came out with glowing skin healing the skin problem he had.

Overall Health Improvement:

கோளறு திருப்பதிகம் – Kolaru Pathigam was composed in Arulmigu Vedaranyeswara Swamy Temple in Vedaranyam, Tamil Nadu, India. Listening to this removes all ailments caused by ALL planets.

Flu (Influenza):

Thiru-gnana-sambandar was upset that Shiva devotees and the kingdom was affected by contagious fever and prayed to Lord Shiva at Thiruchengode, Tamil Nadu. Contagious fever is nothing but a epidemic. When the epidemic infections spread to many continents, it becomes a pandemic. Reciting the following would control the spread of epidemic/pandemic.

Back Pain and Other Benefits:

Right Eye:

Following hymn was sung in Thiruvarur and it is supposed to heal the right eye of the native:

Left Eye:

This pathigam (திருக்கச்சியேகம்பம் திருமுறை திருப்பதிகம்) was sung at Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu)’s Ekambareswarar temple. Listening or rendering this poetry would restore the health of the left eye.

Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram, TN – Left eye remedy

Curing Many Diseases:

Conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, nervous weakness, drug addiction, arthritis, and other dangerous diseases can be cured by listening to this diseae curing pathigam (நோய் தீர்க்கும் திருப்பதிகம்). It was composed at  Mattruraivaradeswarar Temple, in current day Tiruvasi, near Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Old name of this village was called: Thiru-Paachi-laachi-Ramam.

For Getting Healthy Kids:

Swami Thiru-gnana-Sambandar sang this composition in Thiruvengadu Swetha-Aaranyeshwarar Temple for mothers to get pregnant and deliver healthy babies.

For getting a normal and a healthy delivery process following pathigam can be recited/listened to. This was composed by Thiru-gnana-Sambandar Swamy at Thayumanava Swamy temple on top of the Rockfort in Trichy/Trichirapalli.

Last Updated: June 10, 2021.