Vastu Services

I live in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metro area. I provide vastu services for residents outside the Dallas metro area.

I provide the services using one or more of the following resources:

  1. from the plan of the house, i can evaluate the house and its suitability from your horoscope,
  2. from photos on realtor websites, google map, and other sources to study the layout,
  3. and lastly a site visit.

I have two degrees in Civil Engineering and experience working in the field and in design offices. This background helps me determine the layout of the house from Google Maps and photos from realtor websites without having to do a site visit. For this service, I accept whatever dakshina the person is interested in giving.

For a field visit, the service charges are bound to be higher due to the additional time involved. Before coming to the site, I would need one or more of the following for me to be well prepared for the field visit:

  1. address to study from Google’s satellite and street view,
  2. pictures from realtor websites,
  3. drawings that the owner might have, and
  4. other information.

Please click here for my contact information.

Last Updated: September 23, 2022.