Sesame Oil Remedy

This remedy needs to be done once in a lifetime and rarely again. This remedy would remove all the doshas that are blocking the current efforts. Many have done it including the author and have found immediate relief in the situation they were dealing at that time of doing this remedy.

  1. Buy a terracotta or clay plate of 9 to 12 inches / 22 – 25 cm diameter that has the ability to hold close to a liter of oil. Display of terracotta saucer tray as shown below: Bloem 13 in x 2.5 Terra Cotta Terra Plastic Plant Saucer Tray 580071 (
  2. Pour sesame oil to fill almost to 2/3 of the capacity of the plate – enough quantity to ensure that the person can see the reflection of their face.
  3. Look at the reflection in the oil for nearly 2 hours, while taking period few minutes break every 30 minutes to prevent neck pain/injury.
    1. Pray to kula devata (family deity) and ishta devata (personal favorite deity) to remove all the obstacles while looking at the reflection – particularly the eyes and the face.
    2. Pray for positive improvements in life too.
  4. Collect the oil (after seeing the reflection) into nearly 4 equal parts into 4 canisters – author poured the oil into previously used standard prescription canisters from the pharmacy.
  5. Verify at a nearby temple that it is OK to pour oil into their lamps for the next few days.
    1. It is okay to start pouring oil the same day after watching the reflection in the oil or the next day depending on their convenience.
  6. Pour one canister of oil at a nearby temple’s oil lamps for four days:
    1. Pray to the deities to remove all the doshas, for the doshas to burn away along with the oil, and
    2. Pray for overall prosperity.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2022.