Why Astrologers Collect Dakshina

Do I collect Dakshina? YES.

I collect a dakshina (दक्षिणा) – a willing contribution by the person seeking guidance. If you need to send money electronically, you can send it through Zelle Pay to my email address: DfwVedicAstrologer @ gmail.com.

Many people ask me what is the right dakshina? The right dakshina is the amount the person was willing to give when the person started searching for an astrologer to get some directions/guidance.


This page was written to explain why natives seeking advice from astrologers should offer a dakshina (दक्षिणा ). I am using the word दक्षिणा  that means a voluntary contribution or a willing donation and not fees or charges. 

An astrologer should gracefully accept the voluntary contribution and the natives seeking guidance should give दक्षिणा  within their means.  By offering दक्षिणा,  punya karma of guiding the native is removed from the astrologer and the native therefore derives full benefit of implementing the guidance.

Let us assume an astrologer suggests a guidance seeking native to go to Hanuman Mandir and offer prayers for 11 weeks continuously for a desired result.

If the guidance seeking native does the prescribed remedies without giving a dakshina, the astrologer will get some punya karma of having visited the same temple for 2 or 3 weeks in spite of this astrologer staying put in his house. Even though the native goes to the temple for 11 weeks, due to the non-payment of दक्षिणा,  native effectively get blessings of only 8 or 9 weeks of temple visits, resulting in lack of beneficial results.

If the native gives a voluntary दक्षिणा to the astrologer, then there is no punya karma for the astrologer for the suggestions and guidance.  The native then gets the blessing of the lord for the 11 weeks of temple visits/prayers.

Last Updated: May 06, 2022.