Thank you for visiting my page. I hail from a family of Vedic astrologers.

I started learning Vedic Astrology in 1990 and have been making steady progress. I have been helping people in small ways since then.

Since 2000, I started maintaining a Yahoo calendar for my friends who were interested in knowing Hindu festival timings corrected to US time. Yahoo calendar was not very accommodating and since 2006 I have been maintaining the following 2 public Google calendars.

I use Himalayan Academy’s kadavaul panchangam  pdf for Dallas Fort worth area for festival timings, Jaganath Hora software for calculating the beginning of new month, and NASA’s site for calculating tarpanam / japam timings during an eclipse.

  1. Hindu Festival Calendar for US time
  2. Hindu Pitru Karma Calendar for US time

Clicking on the above links would let you add them anonymously to your Google calendar collection.

I was helping people with their horoscopes and remedies for quite sometime. Now, I decided to reach out to a larger audience.

Thanks and regards

Contact Info:

Please feel free to send your information in one of the following ways:

  • by email: dfwVedicAstrologer @ gmail. com
  • by phone: +1-817-505-6092

Ravichandran M. Kaushika,
Dallas, TX, USA

Last updated: Mar 15, 2020


  1. Hello,

    Please include a video link in your website showing the typical monthly amavasai darpanam that you/anyone you know may do (not the generic ones). A video of the approx. 1/2 hr long process I believe.

    I can substitute names, gothras accordingly for my such task.


    another Brahman

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  2. I had a discussion with Ravi sir at very short notice. He made a very thorough review of my profile and counselled in a detailed manner. He also was very supportive all through. In case you feel going through the same pain do contact him.


  3. Dear sir ,
    Hope you are doing well.
    Read about you on quora and land to your website .
    My details are as follows :-
    date of birth :- 01-01-1993
    place of birth :- modinagar
    time of bith :- 15:05:00 PM
    Please tell about my carrer and my upcoming time health and money


  4. I grew up Catholic. Over the years I was introduced to many different religions through friends but have strongly identified with Christianity in my adulthood. I’ve been very interested in Hinduism, Buddhism and the Indian culture. There is something uniquely different with Hinduism, in that it asserts that it is flawed to insist that one’s own path towards God is the Only true and meaningful path. I strongly believe each individual has their own special relationship with God and that does not align with the Catholic religion. Hinduism encompasses peaceful coexistence and prosperity with 8 major religions including Christianity. There is a strong belief in the equal worth of all people and the underlying unity of existence through one’s relationship with self and others. I have started my exploration here with Ravi (Vedic Astrologer) and I am so excited to learn more and continue working on my path with the Divine.


  5. Hello I have been directed to you in my search to learn about my time of birth. I’ve just recently discovered that there is a skill set that is learned from certain individuals who are able to assist me with this. I am interested in finding out if you would be willing to help me with this.


  6. I don’t know my time of birth at all. This is why I am contacting you. I am hopeful that you can help me with this. July 23 1959, Cleveland Ohio 9124808529


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