Birth Time Rectification

Many people have reached out to me to get a reading without an accurate time. How accurate does the astrologer need the time of birth to be? As accurate as possible.

Why does the astrologer need the time to be accurate – to help the native better.

Otherwise an astrologer would like to perform a Birth Time Rectification (BTR). What is BTR process?

Birth time rectification involves the following:

  1. It is desirable if the native knows whether the native was born:
    1. early hours of the morning – 00 hours to approx 4 am,
    2. closer to sunrise – 4am to sunrise,
    3. just after sunrise – sunrise to 8am, or
    4. a time frame that identifies no more than a 4 to 6 hour time window.
  2. If a person cannot give a 4 to 6 hour time window, then it is NOT worthwhile to pursue this effort.
  3. Once a few hour time window is known, then identifying an approximate 2 hour window (Lagna) is the step. Lagna can be determined by knowing general characteristics of the person (not limited to the following list):
    1. Education – how long / good schools / no breaks,
    2. Parents – always available for support or Dad/Mom away on overseas assignments,
    3. Siblings – presence of elder or younger siblings and their continuous support or their well being
    4. Health – overall well being growing up
    5. Career and business partnership growth patterns, and
    6. Marriage related information.

After successfully identifying the many factors that identify a Lagna (approx. 2 hour time window), the time can be further fine tuned by identifying events:

  1. marriage time window or meeting of significant other
  2. job changes/ improvements or jumps,
  3. relocation to another country,
  4. father or mother’s overseas trips or illness
  5. birth of first child or the like.

These steps involve time to be spent with the astrologer – over the phone without distraction or face to face.

Only after identifying a more accurate time, can an astrologer provide remedies to benefit the native.

Last updated Jul 22, 2019