Rahu Ketu Transit Feb 2019-Sep 2020

By this time, many of you have learnt about the transit. One calendar by veda vakya mentions that the transit happened Feb 13, 2019 midday India time. Trignometric or त्रिगणित calendar mentions that it will happen on Mar 7th, 2019 mid-afternoon India time.

I am not planning to do a video or a blog as you might have thought. I decided to provide links of people who have explained it in detail.

In English: KRS Channel has done a good job with this. He is using ascendant (lagna) not moon rashi.

In Tamil: Kaliyur Narayanan has provided his best thoughts for our sake.

As I always tell people who talk to me, these rules are given to us by our seers out of sheer compassion to be aware of pending events and do remedies to protect. Above all, remind us that the current times (good or bad) are bound to change soon.

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