Remedies are usually done to alleviate negative effects of a malefic planet affecting a particular aspect of a person’s life.  Remedies can be compared to medical regimen applied to a person who is having a difficult medical condition.

An interesting thing that I heard from my grandma’s childhood friend in the early 1990s was something worth sharing. Her statement:

A horoscope is like a medical report.

When a person has health (financial or family) problem, the person consults a doctor (astrologer). Doctor (astrologer) prescribes medicines (remedies or pariharams) for a certain duration. The person is advised to take medicines (perform remedies) till the health (financial or family) conditions stops bothering the person.

So I asked her that as to how long should i do the remedies (pariharams) and when should i stop? She seemed very clear:
When a health (financial or family) condition improves, the doctor (astrologer) would advise you to reduce dosage of medicines (frequency or intensity of pariharams). The way a person should handle a personal situation influenced by planets is very similar to a patient would handle a viral fever.

She also added that checking or analyzing the horoscope at different times without performing remedies during the course of that period is of No Use. It is the same as a person doing medical examinations at different times without taking medication during that time. There will be no change in the medical results.

Like serious health conditions like cancer or other illness, there are similar horoscope conditions that might be difficult to resolve.

When a person believes in horoscope and its effects on the individual, the person implicitly believes in remedial measures just a person believes in medical examination believes in taking the medicines.

Last updated May 18, 2019.

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