Mental Health Related

“No matter how great the misery is, reading or listening to this hymn would melt all miseries will go away.” When Jains had put him in Lime kiln, Thirunavukarasu swami wrote this song. There is no doubt that one can easily get rid of great sufferings by reciting daily these specially sung hymns sung by Thirunavukarasar Swami.

Lead a Life Free of Mental Stress:

Thiru-gnana-sambandar composed this song on the day of his upanayanam (thread ceremony) for listeners and singers to be free of stress through out their life with Pancha-akshari mantra.

Improve Memory and Education:

Listening or reciting it would help students remember what they studied. Reciting this at a young age would improve their thinking faculties by Lord Shiva’s grace. This song was composed at Brahma-puri-eeshwarar temple in Seerkazhi.

Remove Obstacles and Sorrow

Last updated: Feb 25, 2021.