Astrology Services


I live in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area in North Texas and provide astrology services for residents in the Dallas area and worldwide.

Services Offered

  1. Charting horoscopes for USA born kids in PDF – small fee suggested.
  2. Analyzing horoscopes and suggesting remedies:
    • Better and more compatible married life,
    • Personal, emotional, and health issues,
    • Childbirth issues,
    • Improvement in job,
    • Removing other obstacles for progress
  3. Calculating muhurta for:
    • Seemandha (baby shower)
    • Grihapravesham,
    • Starting new business,
    • Joining a new job, and
    • Other auspicious beginnings.

All calculations for muhurtas and horoscopes are done for the appropriate time zones worldwide. Fees suggested about items under #2 and #3 depends on the time spent for calculations and analyses.

In certain serious cases, I can provide contacts for doing remedies in India at different temples depending on the nature of the condition and remedies provided by the presiding deities of the temple.

Dakshina/ दक्षिणा/

People making use of these services are encouraged to pay a dakshina depending on their ability for the following reasons (simplest reasons are provided here):

  1. When astrology services are obtained for a particular issue, for the person  to obtain complete benefits, the person should offer a small dakshina to the astrologer.
  2. If the person fails to offer, the pending karma might delay enjoying the full effects of the good event or a complete resolution of the expected problem.
  3. It is not desirable for the astrologer to demand a dakshina for the services but accept what the person offers.

Best wishes and thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve you.

Please contact me in one of the ways presented in this link.

Last Updated: May 6, 2022