Vastu Clarification

People talk about North or East facing houses and American real estate agents are aware that most Indians (Hindus) insist on North facing houses.  They sometimes ask for a premium or reduced upgrades for those North facing lots.  Sometimes people ask me why a particular direction (say Southwest) would not suit them from their horoscopes.

Each planet governs a direction; their strength and benevolence for the native and the family members are determined from their horoscopes. A house facing the most favorable direction for all members of the family becomes a happy, peaceful, and a prosperous HOME.

Below is the list of the directions and the planets that are responsible for them:

ESun/Surya and Venus/Shukra

For a person to be happy in a house of a particular direction, the planet(s) governing that direction should be beneficial, powerful, and/or not hidden in the native’s horoscope. 

On the other hand, if a planet is not beneficially placed in a native’s horoscope, then it would be detrimental in the person’s interest to live (buy or rent) in that house.

Griha-Lakshmi, the lady of the house’s planetary influences determine the direction of the house that the family should live in.  

If a common benevolent direction cannot be ascertained, then astrologers might be tempted to recommend North facing houses as Jupiter is a beneficial planet and could make it a peaceful home.

Best wishes.

Last updated Jul 7, 2020