Vastu Clarification

To provide efficient vastu services, I need information as explained in this page.

People talk about North or East facing houses and American real estate agents are aware that most Indians (Hindus) insist on North facing houses.  They sometimes ask for a premium or reduced upgrades for those North facing lots.  Sometimes people ask me why a particular direction (say Southwest) would not suit them from their horoscopes.

Each planet governs a direction; their strength and benevolence for the native and the family members are determined from their horoscopes. A house facing the most favorable direction for all members of the family becomes a happy, peaceful, and a prosperous HOME.

Below is the list of the directions and the planets that are responsible for them:

DirectionsPlanet (s)
EastSun and Venus /Shukra
South eastMoon
SouthMars /Mangal
South westRahu
WestSaturn /Shani
North westKetu
NorthJupiter/ Guru
North eastMercury / Budha
Directions and their governing planets

For a person to be happy in a house of a particular direction, the planet(s) governing that direction should be beneficial, powerful, and/or not hidden in the native’s horoscope. 

On the other hand, if a planet is not beneficially placed in a native’s horoscope, then it would be detrimental in the person’s interest to live (buy or rent) in that house.

Griha-Lakshmi, the lady of the house’s planetary influences determine the direction of the house that the family should live in.  

If a common benevolent direction cannot be ascertained, then astrologers might be tempted to recommend North facing houses as Jupiter is a beneficial planet and could make it a peaceful home.

Best wishes.

Last updated Aug 19, 2020