Beneficiaries of Puja

Many of you have asked me how many people have benefited from the puja done in India by our family friend.

Our family friend was given Kodungallur Bhagavathy Amman mantra diksha by his guru to pray for the improvement of people who seek his help. He would use special herbs from the forest as ingredients for the puja.

So I prepared a list of names (scrubbed to protect their privacy) of at least 29 people who were helped by his puja.

NamePuja doneApprox Date
My FamilyProtection prayers, House, Kids well being, and overall family protectionAug 2014-
AG, PProtection prayers for family members n favorable litigationSummer 2015
AM, CEconomic well being and property protectionFall 2018
AS, ALNProtection prayers, well being of family, kids, and economic improvement.May 2021
BA FlyCareer and family members healthSummer 2019
BB, SL Domestic happiness and overall health.Mar 2017
DJRHealth improvement, family protection, and Summer 2016
ES, FBetter health, job prospects, and happinessFall 2020
KS, FAmicable separation n proceedingsSummer 2020
GP, SLOverall protection prayers, kids well being, and business development.Summer 2021
GVSNOverall family members health pujaSep 2018
JGUGood house, family well beingMar 2020 –
LM, MexFamily members job and health.Oct 2016 –
LR, FKids education and growthSpring 2020
LSV, HOverall health and family happinessAug 2019
MM, COverall protection and futureFall 2019
MPC, MexOverall growthFeb 2018
MNI, POverall family health and progressFall 2018
MR, IFamily functionsSummer 2018
NS, IOverall health, business growth, family peace, and extended family happinessSummer 2020
PAOverall health, family happiness, and business developmentSummer 2017
PMCAOverall improvement in career and familyWinter 2020-21
RMS FlyJob, health, and wealthOct 2019
RS, PFamily happiness and green card processSpring 2021
SH, FOverall improvement in health and financial situationJun 2020
SI, FGreen card, house, and family happinessFall 2017
SL Dr.Health and marriage prospectsOct 2021
SV, CMHealth, job, and family happinessJan 2020
VLM, IOverall family protection n job growthFall 2021
VS,IHealth improvement, Green card, and business developmentOct 2018

Last updated Feb 20, 2022