Special Puja Remedies

Following puja can be done to remedy the situation for very serious or difficult conditions.

Pooja To be DoneINR / (Approx USD)
Durga Yantra5200 ($71.00)
Narasimha Yantra9,999 ($135.00)
Sarasvati Yantra7200 ($100.00)
Veerabhadra Yantra9200 ($125.00)
Ashtalakshmi Yantra9999 ($135.00)
Karyaa Siddhi Yantra9200 ($125.00)
Mahalakshmi Yantra (Silver)11200 ($155.00)
Mahalakshmi Yantra (Brass/Copper)9200 ($125.00)
Silver Amulet5000 ($69.00)
Brass Amulet1000 ($14.00)
Cost for Services

If you are interested and willing to commit for the puja, it can be done in India and the prasad can be mailed to the US.

Last Updated Jul 13, 2020