Simha Rashi/Leo Moon sign

Simha Rashi/Leo Moon sign

Every once in a while, people in one of the moon signs (rashi) get a life changing event or set of events. This usually happens when Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and/or Ketu are in beneficial positions from their moon at the time of birth (natal moon). Simha/Leo rashi/moon sign (per vedic astrology) natives are in for a fantastic time of their life from around end Jan 2020 and through end Sep 2020.  

If one or more family members share the same moon sign, then the family improvements would be doubled or tripled as the case may be.

What to expect:

  1. Life elevating changes – not a promotion for a few dollars more, but a spectacular change that ex-peers/ ex-classmates would be in ‘awe’ after the changes.
  2. Students who have been struggling would get a jump in their grades or would have new unforeseen education opportunities presented to them in which they would come out in flying colors.

By early Feb 2020, a radically improving time would begin when Saturn would have completed the move to 6th house from Mesha/Leo of Makara/Capricon which happens to his own house.  By that time,Jupiter would have settled in his own house of Dhanur rashi, 5th from natal moon.  These two big planets would be waiting to do good things to them during the 8 months.

Rahu and Ketu are in 11th and 5th positions from Leo and are ready to bless Leo/Simha rashi natives.  It is at this time, Leo Natives can ‘transform’ their lives in a positive manner.

Om Namah Shivaya

Rahu Ketu Transit Feb 2019-Sep 2020

Rahu Ketu Transit Feb 2019-Sep 2020

By this time, many of you have learnt about the transit. One calendar by veda vakya mentions that the transit happened Feb 13, 2019 midday India time. Trignometric or त्रिगणित calendar mentions that it will happen on Mar 7th, 2019 mid-afternoon India time.

I am not planning to do a video or a blog as you might have thought. I decided to provide links of people who have explained it in detail.

In English: KRS Channel has done a good job with this. He is using ascendant (lagna) not moon rashi.

In Tamil: Kaliyur Narayanan has provided his best thoughts for our sake.

As I always tell people who talk to me, these rules are given to us by our seers out of sheer compassion to be aware of pending events and do remedies to protect. Above all, remind us that the current times (good or bad) are bound to change soon.